PowerViolence – BENICARLÓ (SP)

Free noise!!!


FAMA – Split w/Martí
2022 (ITAWAK030)


The square wave, the failed consumer society, single impersonation, new social roles, fear, indifference, nonsense, grotesque, self-isolation, mental block, borders, the brief, the post-industrial era, the good, the evil, self-conviction, complacency, sorrow, self-defense, hysteria, noise.

KLS introduce you their 7th release called Fama. A Split with the amazing synth self-manufacturer and noise artist MARTÍ who wrote an homage to his father. He talks about his father and his artistic career, the fame, the underground…

All those things are KLS/MARTÍ “Fama” Split EP… sometimes fast, sometimes brief, sometimes quiet, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes noisy, sometimes upset, sometimes robotic, sometimes imperfect.