NESSERIA – Cette Érosion de Nous-Mêmes | 12″

10,00 12,00 

Itawak Records (ITAWAK008), Throatruiner Records, Deadlight Entertainment, Possessed To Tape

While their trademark steamrolling style is still there with grindcore and black metal-influenced tracks (« Forteresse », « Dans L’Ombre Et Sans Visage »), tracks such as « Les Ruines » or « À L’Usure » bring something new to the table, as « Cette Erosion De Nous-Mêmes » is the closest representation of the band’s wide scope of influences (screamo, folk, shoegaze…). NESSERIA’s sound brilliantly evolves by putting an emphasis on their more emotional, atmospheric side, without ever giving an inch on their abrasive tendencies.

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