HUMAN CULL – Revenant | 12″


Itawak Records (ITAWAK004), Wooaaargh, Let The Bastards Grind, Loner Cult, Hackebeil Records,  Angry Music Records, The Shit Storm, Monocanibal Recs, Heridax Profunda, A World We Never Made, Legsakimbo Records, Death By Digital, Bloated Corpse Of Punk

Songs run between monstrous fleet-fingered trem picking blast-fests to open riffing frantic d-beats but rarely drop below FAST. Lyrics are primarily about totalitarianism, following the thematic setting of an imagined medieval cyber punk future. Think of the cover of Anticapital and imagine living there, feelings of monochrome horror and anxiety blend with commentary on modern stupidity, terrorism and propaganda.

The band display clear death metal and crust influences here, and this is certainly the closest to death metal their sound has come. This album is the most polished example of contemporary grind from these veterans of the UK scene.

Vinyl available in 6 different colors !

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